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For a modern, distinctive look, our track lighting provides an interesting alternative to traditional ceiling lights. We’ve got a range of different configurations, including enclosed track, low-voltage wire, and simple clusters of ceiling spotlights.Obtained from the licensed professionals of the industry, this Track Light is designed and manufactured using high-grade raw materials in compliance with the market prevalent trends by our vendor. New generation COB LED technology, with innovative adjustable optics that focus light on desired areas. It’s great colour and light quality adds value to your products/merchandise by enhancing their looks and appeal. We bring forth for our clients range of Adyxa LED COB Track Light – 9 watt , 16 watt , 24 watt , 30 watt and 50 Watt. Adyxa Track Light series allows you to create a track lighting system to your own specification, choosing your own tracks, connectors and spotlights, to best suit your needs. You can point and direct spotlights on our ceiling track to get the right ambiance for any room.

Track lighting: stylish and versatile design

Our track lighting systems are smart and versatile. As well as allowing you to direct and position the angle of the lights, some models also enable you to move each lamp to wherever you like along the track. This will allow you to create whatever mood or atmosphere you want for any particular room. Functional and stylish, our lights are designed to complement your décor. Whether you choose track lighting or a cluster of adjustable spotlights, we’ll have the set-up that’s right for your home.

Applications of COB Downlight

Features & Benefits of COB Downlight:

• Aesthetic and Elegant look

• Die cast aluminium housing with heat sink for optimum thermal mangement of L.E.D Source.

• High intensity light with LM80 tested COB LEDs

• Scientifically designed Al heat sink with large surface area.

• Adjustable design to focus light on desired areas.

• Aluminium reflector with reflective efficiency > 95%

• Robust driver with wide voltage range and inbuilt protection.

Technical Specifications:

• No glare, no flash

• Eco friendly


• Life – 30,000 hours

• Wide range of voltage 100 VAC to 300 VAC

• Beam angle 26-36 degree

• Efficacy (Lm/W) – 100

• THD <15, CRI >80 , Power factor >0.95

• Constant current drive, low current fluctuation

• Efficient light distribution

• Perfect luminance and focused brightness levels for desired areas