Tube Lights

Led Tube Lights


Led Tube Lights

Adyxa Tube Lights are slimmer and shorter as compared to the regular tube lights. These simple and easy-to-install fixtures are an undoubted champion for your regular lighting purposes. They are ideal along corridors, worktables as well as common areas like parking lots and stairwells. They can also be used within premises for brightening up the surroundings with maximum light diffusion.

The  Adyxa LED T8 range offers safe, reliable and affordable energy saving alternatives to standard Fluorescent T8 lamps. Available in 2’/60cm, 4’/120cm and 5’/150cm lengths, Adyxa LED T8s can be quickly fitted as a replacement into luminaires operating on electro-magnetic control gear or on electronic gear with a simple re-wire .

Aluminum heat sink, No UV or RF interference, Patented heat sink with or without optical diffuser, longer life than incandescent & fluorescents  . No mercury, no ballast required, wide voltage input range and constant current design, solid state, high shock & vibration resistant, Mercury free, 66 %+ savings in energy consumption , quiet, no noise, no flickering. The products are in accordance with CE, UL and FCC testing standards, Retro‐fit kits available for direct replacement of fluorescent fixture.

Convert your existing linear fluorescent fixture to LED lighting without needing a comprehensive reinstall. LED tubes are ideal for those seeking high energy savings with minimal installation time.

LED Tube Light Specification & Features:

Long-life and high efficiency

  • Up to 30,000 hrs rated lifetime, reduced maintenance cost
  • High Efficiency, up to 110 lm/w, increased energy saving

High Quality lighting effect

  • High uniformity of light , create elegant lighting atmosphere for retail & commercial applications
  • Especially suitable for supermarket , high color rendering of fresh food to engage customers
  • Environment friendly – no UV, no Hg

Operation and Maintenance

Store and use the lamps the same way as standard fluorescent lamps.

  • Switch off mains supply before installing/removing lamp.
  • Good condition of the lamp-holder contacts is important to ensure proper operation of lamp.
  • For magnetic gear system ensure existing fluorescent starter is replaced with LED T8 starter (included in each pack)
  • For direct wire please check the provided installation instructions
  • Use in fully enclosed fixtures may affect life performance.
  • Not for use in emergency lighting circuits


Product Code Technology Wattage Design
TLT18 LED 18 LED Tube Light
TLT20 LED 20 LED Tube Light
TLT24 LED 24 LED Tube Ligh