Office Lighting Solution

Office Lighting Requirements

A place where people like to work

In the digital age, we physically spend countless time in a single space where professionals ranging from entrepreneurs to designers tackle personal productivity and creative collaboration. Daily, Adyxa works at significantly helping to design the future of light, and follows the vision of continuously improving light. Adyxa Led lighting solutions not only focus on the quality of light and efficiency, but also inspire with very high quality standards.

Future Office

Right lighting can directly affect how you feel and think in a given environment. In fact, why not find the perfect lighting that positively impacts your productivity and energy level?

The future office is less of a fixed workplace and more of an infrastructure – Adyxa

provides optimum lighting atmospheres and at the same time supports individuality and creativity.

Office Lighting Requirements

Office lighting have fundamentally changed and technical innovations offer users unprecedented possibilities eg. In terms of visual comfort , energy efficiency , control and design. If all quality attributes in terms of visual comfort, visual performance and visual ambience are fulfilled, then lighting can even promote well-being, the ability to perform and concentrate in offices.

Clients who are looking for lighting solutions which are both high performance and future-fit donot want to have to compromise.

Dimension Of Good Lighting

  • Visual Acuity
  • Visual Comfort
  • Visual Ambience
  • Lighting Level
  • Colour rendering
  • Shadowing
  • Glare Limitation
  • Harmonious distribution of brightness
  • Light direction/color
  • Equals to Good Lighting


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