Health Care & Hospital lighting

Lighting Requirement of Health Care & Hospitals

Attractiveness and well-being

Against a backdrop of demographic change and an ageing population, a highly-qualified, motivated workforce is absolutely vital. Patients choose the hospital that will give them the best care. We supply the best lighting designed to enhance well-being among staff and patients by using premium lighting solutions to create a pleasant, refreshing room atmosphere.

Reasons for choosing LED:

  • Variable light colours
  • Can be controlled appropriately to needs
  • Versatility and high lighting quality (good colour rendering, high-precision direction of light)

Resulting in:

  • Attractive scenarios for any time of day or activity
  • Individuality

Space and capacity

Healthcare and nursing providers are constantly confronted by the problem of limited available space. Sufficient infrastructure and spare space must be kept available to cope with emergencies such as epidemics but, on the other hand, recurring costs must be kept as low as possible.

Reasons for choosing LED:

  • Small size
  • Can be integrated into architecture/furniture
  • Individually controllable/addressable

Resulting in:

  • Spatial flexibility
  • Expandability

Cost savings

Costs play a key role in the healthcare and nursing sector in the EU and in most international markets. These costs include, among others, the costs of qualified staff, property maintenance, operating costs and the expenses incurred during a stay in hospital. Premium lighting solutions can aid convalescence, thus shortening hospital stays, which in turn results in cost savings.

Reasons for choosing LED:

  • Highly efficient
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to control

Resulting in:

  • Energy savings and reduced CO ² emissions
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Lower total costs over a system’s entire life cycle

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