Education Lighting

Education Lighting Requirements

For easier learning: clever lighting solutions are needed for improved visual comfort and performance in the educational sector. This will improve the capability for concentration in classrooms, seminar rooms and auditoriums. But lighting conditions need to be suitable for other areas as well.

Energy-efficient products

We have lighting that is optimised for working with VDU screens in offices, products that can withstand knocks in sports halls, and closed luminaires suitable for specialist classes. At the same time, investment in energy-efficient products benefits not only the environment but also future budgets.

Concentration-promoting lighting

Effective learning requires concentration. But at times when the lighting is dependent on erratic sunlight, learning becomes more difficult. Concentration-promoting lighting can solve this problem. Such lighting is a combination of scattered light with a high blue component (recreating the diffuse daytime sky) and a neutral white-oriented light (corresponding to direct sunlight). This lighting concept is not only energising, its high efficiency minimises operating costs.

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